Now in its fourth decade, the ADR has grown into a club of many members of all ages who all enjoy the same thing – riding longer distances, sometimes competitively and sometimes not, but always in the company of friendly, helpful, supportive people who have fun and challenges along the way. The club runs about 12 rides a year of varying distances between January and the end of October, off road as far as is possible. There is a quarterly newsletter plus an end of season celebration as well as social events throughout the year.

Next Ride: Summer Starter, Euston – 26th July 2020

Covid 19 guidelines for Anglian Distance Riders 2020

1. Please follow social distancing guidelines set by the government at all times
2. Please come to our rides alone unless you require one adult from your household to help for safety reasons
3. You may ride with up to 6 people from different households however you must always obey social distancing guidelines when doing so
4. We have scheduled arrival and start times for our rides so please do not arrive more than thirty minutes early
5. All entries must be made online or by post, this can include an emailed photocopy of the completed printed form (Ride organisers email is on entry form)
6. If you are unable to enter through email then please use the post for your entry
7. Please make sure a copy of your passport is included with your entry and payment otherwise your entry will not be accepted
9. Payment can be made using our online bacs transfer using the reference on our entry form or cheque through the post
10. All riders must have paid prior to the ride, we will not process your entry until we have received payment
11. Time slots are given through a first come first paid basis and will be confirmed through email after payment is received
12. Please still book in with us when you arrive with your rider number
13. Have fun and enjoy a bit of normality- 2 metres apart of course!

New For 2020 – ADR now accept BACS Payments for Entry Fees. Full details can be found on the entry form for each ride. If you pay by BACS, please use the reference code (found on the ride entry form) to aid our Treasurer with allocating your entry fee to the correct ride. You must also complete an entry form and send to the Ride Organiser, payment of entry fee by BACS alone does not constitute entry to the ride on its own. Ride entry fees can also be paid by cash or cheque.

Equine Flu Update – Notice for all Ride Participants

Due to the recent flu outbreak, ADR have had to rethink our ride entries and make a few changes. Until further notice we will be requiring a copy of the vaccination card along with your entry for every
horse participating in our rides. All vaccinations must be fully up to date, and if a booster or second vaccination is required, it must have been given a full 7 days before the ride.
If the vaccination copy is not received with your ride entry and is not shown to the parking steward on arrival, entry will be refused and you will be unable to participate in our rides. This is to safe guard us all and we are sure we have your support and co-operation.

A reminder to all riders attending our rides: please let the Secretary know you have arrived before starting the ride. Also, please be courteous when passing other riders – slow to a walk, call out and wait for the other rider to give permission to pass you. Please take a moment to read our Ride Rules before attending our rides.

Ride Fees:
















Non-members always welcome!

Ride details will be posted and updated as soon as they are available.