Constitution of the Anglian Distance Riders CIub.

(Approved at AGM 7.12.19)

1.0  0bjects

1.1  To promote the sport of distance and pleasure riding in East Anglia.

1.2  To promote the safety and welfare of persons and equines engaged in or supporting distance riding and related activities as the club think fit.

2.0  Aims of the ADR CIub

 2.1 To arrange distance rides, pleasure rides and social events in the area.

2.2  To liaise with other groups and individuals with an interest in distance or trail riding in the area, to avoid conflicts and to promote rides and riding in distance events.

3.0  Management of the ADR Club.

3.1  A committee shall be elected to manage the affairs of the Club.

3.2  The Committee shall consist of at least 5 people. Size should increase or decrease to reflect the size of the membership and shall be altered at the committee’s discretion. All elected members of the Committee shall be entitled to vote. The chairman shall have an additional casting vote.  60% of Committee members shall form a quorum.

3.3  The Committee shall have the right to invite any person to attend a Committee meeting where that person is able to contribute to the working of the Club but such persons shall not have a right to vote on the Committee.

3.4 Any Committee member missing three or more Committee meetings without a written explanation may, if no reasonable explanation is offered, be excluded from future meetings of the Committee, and may be asked to resign.

3.5 The Committee shall meet not less than six times a year, such meetings to be called by the chairman with a minimum of 14 days notice to other committee members.

 3.6  Any  two Committee members shall have the right to call an extra Committee meeting provided they notify the secretary in writing giving their reasons for calling such a meeting. Any extra Committee meetings must be called within a reasonable time not exceeding one month of the date of the written request

 3.7  The Committee shall elect from its number a Chairman for a period of three years  who may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms of office in that capacity.

 3.8  The Committee shall elect a Vice Chairman from its number for a period of one year.

3.9   The Committee shall elect from its number or co-opt a Treasurer of the Club to hold its fund in a separate bank account and keep proper accounts. If co-opted the Treasurer shall be entitled to vote. The Treasurer shall submit an Annual statement for approval of the Committee which shall be presented to Club members for approval at the AGM. The accounts are to be examined annually by an Independant Examiner. The Committee shall review its funds annually within one month of the AGM and shall determine the amount required for efficient running of the Club’s future activities.

 3.10 The Committee shall elect from its number a Secretary who will publish an address so that any member may contact the Club and put forward suggestions to the Committee

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes of all the meetings.

The Secretary shall inform Committee members of dates of meetings and venues.

 3.11  The Committee shall keep, or arrange to be kept, a register of members of the Club.

3.12   Members of the Committee shall retire at the AGM after three years service but may offer themselves for re-election.

 3.13 The AGM shall be held in December of each year. No business shall be transacted unless there is a quorum of 20 adult members.

The AGM shall:      

Receive an statement of the Club’s accounts for the previous year which has been examined as specified in para 3.9 .                                          

Receive the Chairman’s report.

Transact any other business, as may be required.

 Notice of the AGM shall be sent to all members not less than 14 days before the meeting.

 3.14  This constitution may only be amended by a resolution passed at an AGM by a majority of not less than 60% of those present and eligible to vote on such a resolution. Any motion to amend the constitution must be sent to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the AGM of the Club.

3.15 An extraordinary general meeting may be called at any time by the Committee and must be called by the Secretary upon receipt of a request signed by not less than 20 members of the Club, specifying the business to be discussed. The Secretary shall notify all members of the Club at least 14 days before such a meeting, specifying the business to be dealt with.

 3.16 The Committee shall be responsible for formulating and promulgating the Rules of the Club and may deal with any matters of the Club not herein before provided for. The Committee shall be entitled to make donations to Charitable Organisations on behalf of the Club

 3.17 The Club may only be wound up by a resolution passed by a simple majority of members present at an extraordinary general meeting and ratified by the Club Committee. Should the Club be wound up its remaining assets shall be transferred at the discretion of the committee to a charitable organisation.

 3.18 The Committee shall, in the Autumn preceding the AGM each year, determine the Annual Subscriptions to be paid by members, and the charges to be made for the Club rides by Members and non members.

3.19  lncome from rides and from social events shall be retained by the Club and a certain percentage given to charity as determined by the committee.

4.0  Membership

4.1   Anglian Distance Riders membership is open to all people interested in riding. All full members will be eligible to vote at any General Meeting.

4.2   Membership shall be classed as Adult Riding, Junior, or Non Riding as determined by the Committee. For awards and trophies, Juniors shall be under 18 years on the 1st January of the year the trophy is awarded..

4.3   No Junior member shall be eligible to vote at AGMs or extraordinary general meetings. The committee may, however, co-opt one Junior member onto the Committee. Once co-opted, that Junior shall be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.

4.4  The Committee may exclude from membership any member who has disobeyed any of the rules, or who has in the opinion of the Committee, been guilty of any conduct detrimental to the character or prejudicial to the interests  of the Club. In any such case the member must have the opportunity to explain their conduct.

5.0 Stewarding

 5.1 Members are asked to steward at one of  the rides shown on the ADR Rides Card. The purpose is to assist the Ride Organiser  with the many tasks they have to do. Failure to do this will render a member ineligible to receive awards.  The allocation of rides for stewarding shall be determined for each member by the stewarding secretary, taking into account as far as possible the wishes of the member.