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The February Challenge

If you are anything like me enthusiasm for riding is at a bit of a low. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s often windy, the going might not be good and basically what’s the point as there are no rides to go to anyway. So here is THE FEBRUARY CHALLENGE to get us back in the saddle and going again. There are going to be days when we still don’t ride but could well be doing stuff with our horses.

The idea is to record any activity done in blocks of half hours, (for the sake of ease). It takes me about half an hour to do the stables in the morning but only 5 minutes to bring in at night, so the bringing in wouldn’t get recorded. The non-riding activities could include mucking out, picking up muck off the field, grooming, tack cleaning, sorting out rug rooms/tack rooms, vets, farrier etc. Riding can be hacking out with another person, on your own, or schooling either ridden or on the ground, basically anything being done with your horse.

Time to be recorded to the nearest 30 minutes but feel free if you want to do the exact time in either column, some of us might have time on our hands to record to the precise minute. Obviously, all of our lovely ADR members are honest folk and will record truthfully. If you want to make the template more personalised please feel free to do so, it would be great if we could publish some of theses in the next newsletter or on social media to inspire others to join in.

There will be some type of recognition/prize each week for the best diary page, hours ridden or hours spent with your horse.

To take part you must be a paid up ADR member for 2021, the exception being for week 1 as some of you might want to take up the challenge and haven’t yet joined so you have a weeks grace to do so. There will be an overall winner of the month.

Please send your diary entries back to me via email or post each week (to arrive no later than Wednesday if by post) so the winner of week 1 can be announced during week 2 and before week 3 starts.

Good luck everyone – hope this inspires you


Rohan, Icklingham Road, West Stow, Bury St. Edmunds, IP28 6EY

Anglian Distance Riders Constitution

The ADR Constitution has been updated and approved at the 2019 AGM. To download a copy, please click here