Ride Start Times

Ride: First Ride 2021

Date: 18th April 2021

Location: Euston Park, Euston IP24 2QH

Map (PDF)

1. We have strict start tMap (PDF)imes to ensure safety for our riders and stewards so please adhere to these times
2.If you have shown any symptoms of covid-19 in the last 14 days, please do not attend the ride
3.Anyone seen not following social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the venue and a refund will not be offered
4.Booking in will be at the gate as you enter, please stay in your vehicle for this
5. We will have a Parking monitor in attendance but please do park accordingly and tack up safely ready for your start time
6. Please bear with us as this is our first post covid 19 ride and enjoy yourselves!

Please ensure you bring your horse’s passport, including vaccination certificate, with you to the venue. This will be checked on entrance to the venue and you will not be allowed to unload until it has been checked. If your horse’s vaccination is not within our guidelines, you will be asked to leave.


Please take a moment to read our Ride Rules before attending the ride.

Please be prompt for your start times and be courteous to each other on route.

Start TimeRider NumberRider
10am127Tracey Chilvers
10.02180Sarah Ainsworth
10.04114Rachel Patten
10.06189Lisa Powell
191Jackie Watson
10.08164Isobel Fleming
10.10130Jackie Foulds
10.12178Janice Morton
10.141Anna Kidd
10.16138Hilary Carr
23Vanessa Van Berk
10.18152Sarah Bird *
10.20149Lisa Wilkinson
10.22169Les Casswell
10.24155Louise Wiltshear
10.263Charlotte Denton-Cowell
4Lesley Anne Parker
10.28179Carol Fricker
10.30157Val Chaplin
10.325Jesse Welch
6Linda Fox
7Elizabeth Clazie
8Heidi Dalby
9Camilla Conlin
10.34199Zoe Thompson
10Isabel Matthews
10.36135Alison Coote
10.38126Angela Raven
115Sue D’Arcy
10.40173Pauline Cushing
10.42171Margaret Lambeth
10.44122Chris Few
10.46117Jane Girling
140Ella Pomroy
116Keighley Pomroy
10.48190Theresa Lough
113Alison Richardson
10.5011Holly Alston
AAlec Alston
10.52170Sally Bird
10.5412Dominic Smith
10.5614Louise Wayburd
26Lucy White
10.5816Selina Westcott
17Jillian Marshall
11.00167Fiona Wallace
11.0218Ray Davison
19Sharon Davison
11.0420Abigail Barker
BAmelia Barker
11.06181Anita Whitaker Bethel
11.0821Sally Jacques
22Katie Whitton
11.10111Anne May
11.12166Emily Butters
11.1425Rhona Wardrop