Ride Start Times

Ride: New Year’s Ride

Date: Sunday 19th January 2020

Location: Bridgham Lane, Harling

A Ride Map will be available on the day.

There are 3 different loops 
Loop 1 Blue :4.5 miles
Loop 2 Red : 4.5 miles
Loop 3 Orange: 2.5 miles (orange can only be ridden as a part of the red loop)
Mileages: 4.5 (Blue) / 9 (Blue & Red) / 11.5 (Blue, Red & Orange)

*Due to a technical problem with the ADR Emergency Phone, please collect Rider & Horse tags from the Secretary when you notify them of your arrival. Thank you*

Please ensure you bring your horse’s passport, including vaccination certificate, with you to the venue. This will be checked on entrance to the venue and you will not be allowed to unload until it has been checked. If your horse’s vaccination is not within our guidelines, you will be asked to leave.


Please take a moment to read our Ride Rules before attending the ride.

Please be prompt for your start times and be courteous to each other on route.

Start Time Bib No. Rider
10.00. 151 Katie Beckley
  1 Jackie Watson
  2 Lisa Powell
  130 Jackie Foulds
10.05. 149 Lisa Wilkinson
  177 Jo Holt
  3 Gill Campbell
  155 Louise Wiltshear
10.10.   Helen Campbell
    Gemma Grodkiewicz
  122 Christine Few
  142 Julia Shaw Taylor
10.15. NM Zoe Thompson
  4 Anita Whitaker-Bethel
  5 Lesley Caswell
10.20. NM Karen Ash
  NM Charlotte Roberts
  7 Andrea Pykerman
  6 Cara Button
10.25. 126 Angie Raven
  147 Richard Lowe
  8 Elaine Wallbridge
  135 Alison Coote
10.30. 9 Emma Pleasance
  10 Sue Beauclerk
    Sue Darcy
    Debbie Fyans
10.35. 13 Nicola Thorn
  14 Nicola Thorn
10.40. 116 Keighley Pomroy
  140 Ella Pomroy
  117 Jane Girling
10.45. 163 Maggie Connick
  164 Isobel Flemming
  162 Caroline Ramsay
10.50. 111 Anne May
11.00. 152 Sara Bird