Ride Organisers

A huge thank you for organising a pleasure ride on behalf of the Anglian Distance Riders.

These notes have been written as a guide for your ride and I hope they will be useful to you. 

If you feel there is something missing, incorrect or you can add something from your own experiences please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ride Co-Ordinator:

Sophie Roberts (sophie.emma167@icloud.com)

It is a condition of membership that every member should steward at one ADR ride. The dates are allocated on a first come first serve basis but we will endeavour to provide at least 1 steward to help on the day. Our stewarding secretary will contact you approximately 4 weeks before your ride to discuss your requirements and the number of stewards available.

As a thank you, all ride organisers will be sent a free pleasure ride voucher and a percentage of the profits will be added to the ADR chosen charities funds for the year.

Once you have agreed to run a ride, if it is on or over Forestry Commission Land (even if you only ride on public rights of way) an application form with a proposed route, a copy of our Insurance and risk assessment must be received by them no later than 12 weeks prior to your ride – unfortunately this is not negotiable.

We pay the Forestry Commission per rider, please let the treasurer know how many riders you have had on your ride.

Non-Forestry Commission rides may include the highway, public rights of way (PROW), stewardship margins and land with the permission of the owner. It is a necessary courtesy to contact landowners if you are crossing their land (even if the track is a PROW), send them a map, informing them how the route will be marked, the approximate numbers you expect and the times you are likely to be on their land.

A copy of the route should also be sent to the Highways Department, the local PROW office and the local police.

A £100 advance, to cover incidental costs, can be requested from the treasurer. 

The Venue should be easily accessible to all sorts of vehicles (unless otherwise stated) and checked for any hazards. An enclosed venue is preferred and it is better to limit the number of entries than park too tightly. Vehicles, horses and pedestrians should be kept apart where possible or stewards should be used. Particular care should be taken when parking on a PROW.

The Schedule/ Entry Form – details should include the ADR logo, name of the ride, date, start times, location, entry fees, who to return the completed entry form and payment to, the organisers telephone number (and email address) and the closing date. You should also state if the numbers are limited.

It must also include the following:

Horses must be 4 years old or over. An adult must accompany juniors aged between 8 and 13. A hard hat of PAS 015, VGI 01.040 (2014-12), SNELL E2001, SNELL E2016, AS/ZS 3838 (2006 onwards) or ASTM/SEI standard must be worn. Competitors may not ride in wellington boots and whips may not exceed 30” in length. Spurs and draw reins or similar are not permitted. Cyclists may not accompany riders.

The organisers, stewards, helpers & landowners cannot accept liability for accidents, damage, injury or illness to competitors, spectators or any other person, property, servants, animals or horses/ponies in connection with or arising out of this ride. All competitors and persons attending the ride do so at their own risk. It shall be a condition of entry that each entrant shall indemnify the organizers against any legal action arising from any accidents or incidents whatsoever. Non-members must have their own third party liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000. By signing this form you accept these terms and conditions, recognising that this is a risk sport and confirming that you have the competence to undertake the class/distance you are entering.

Receiving Entries – Entries should be checked on receipt. Ensure all forms have been signed (if not, ensure they are signed on the day before starting the ride) the correct payment has been enclosed and that all non-members have ticked the box confirming third party public liability insurance is held.

When allocating numbers, it would help if the rider number is entered on the entry form and the reverse of the cheque.

Details of the ride should be sent out as near to the closing date as possible to ensure details are received in good time. The information to include is:

Ride name, date and location with directions to the venue (an OS grid reference and postcode for sat nav users). The rider’s start time, how the route will be marked and a highlighted map of the route. Also remember to state if a caterer or photographer will be present, whether water or toilets are /not available at the venue and an acknowledgement to the landowner/s.

The ADR emergency telephone number: 07780 858839

Special instructions may include:
Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.
Care should be taken when passing other riders/public rights of way users.

If there are any particular hazards e.g. pigs or livestock on route, whether gates may be left open or closed and if stewards will be manning road crossings.

Before the ride – ADR takes health and safety very seriously and a risk assessment form should be completed (see useful documents).

Ask a local vet to be on call.

If you decide to book a caterer, please choose one who is registered with the local authority and ensure a copy of his/her certificate is displayed.

About two weeks before the ride, the route should be test ridden to ensure there are no fallen trees, dangers or obstructions.

Collect ride equipment from Vikki Roberts. The club caravan is available to all organisers. It’s contents include biodegradable chalk, rosettes, telephone, emergency labels, first aid kit, stationery box, bibs and last but not least tea & coffee making facilities. Please select any additional equipment required e.g. venue and road crossing signs, steward boxes, tables etc.

Steward boxes should be given to all stewards manning a checkpoint or road crossing. Stewards should be provided with refreshments, as it can be a long day. Suggestions include packed lunches (fruit, roll, crisps, drink, cake), vouchers if there is on site catering attendance. Please claim for any expenditure.

Prepare several copies of the rider lists and make a note of any pre-ride requirements (signing, unsigned entry forms, additional fees etc). Anyone entering and paying on the day (with your prior agreement) must pay a late entry fee of £5, complete and sign an entry form before riding, so ensure there are spare blank entry forms with maps.

Route marking – Use white or orange biodegradable chalk (provided by ADR) also mention colour being used in rider details.

Always mark on the left, unless unable to and keep arrows off the ridden track or in gateways or they will be wiped out after the first horse has passed through.

Mark well before a directional turn and follow up with another couple of directional arrows. Place one around the corner and another one as a reassurance approx 20 metres away. Long straight stretches only need an occasional marker.

The paint does get brighter as it dries so it is not necessary to spray on several layers, 1 can should mark around 4-5 miles.

Please DO NOT spray arrows on the road or on trees unless you are prepared to scrub them off !

For sensitive areas or if any landowners do not permit chalk arrows, we have a supply of coloured arrows that Velcro onto wooden stakes. We currently have red, green, blue and yellow arrows (small plastic plates could also be used).

On the day – Arrive early and erect directional signs, ensure emergency phone is switched on. Brief the car park steward and issue fluorescent steward bibs. Competitors regularly arrive an hour and a half before their start time. Ensure the venue is set out and all the necessary documents are on the notice board. 

The notice board should include a copy of the map with any marked route changes, a copy of the ADR insurance policy, a copy of the ADR rules and a copy of the risk assessment. Other information may include the telephone number of the vet on call or the position of the photographer etc. 

A copy of an OS map should also be available at the venue in case the emergency services are called and a grid reference is required.

Stewards should be briefed on their duties on their arrival and their telephone numbers entered on the Health & Safety checklist. Stewards away from the venue should be given a rider list and take a stewards box with them (we currently have 6 boxes). Also one packed lunch or voucher per steward to be given. 

Road crossing signs should be approximately 20 – 25 metres either side of the crossing. 

The secretary should ensure the rider has or is issued with two emergency labels and is given their correct number bib. The start/finish area should be separate from the secretary and the timekeeper should check for any unauthorized tack, current hat standards, no schooling whips and no spurs before starting the rider. Any non-conformity should be discussed with the rider and if it cannot be resolved the competitor should not be allowed to start (refer to a copy of the rules on notice board).

On completion of the ride a rosette or ride voucher can be offered and points/trophy cards signed. Please note we only honour advertised mileage. 

In the event of an accident/ incident, please ensure an incident report form (see Useful Documents below) is completed in full. For accidents on Forestry Commission property your permission states they must be notified within 24hrs. 

After the ride – Return the ride equipment to Vikki’s, advising her of any equipment which is missing, broken or been used. 

Thank the landowners and stewards who gave up their day to help (even if only a telephone call). 

Accounting – Complete a ride account form, pass all entry fees and incident report forms to the treasurer indicating any additional payment required. As a group it has been agreed that anyone who withdraws from a ride prior to or on the day of the actual ride, their cheque should be destroyed and not passed on to the treasurer. Forward any invoices (Forestry Commission) that need to be paid. 

The following documentation may be useful to you:

Printable Documents:
ADR Risk Assessment
Blank Ride Entry Form 2022 (Word)
Parental Consent Form (PDF)
ADR Ride Accounts Form 2022 (Word)
ADR Ride Accounts Form 2022 (PDF)
Ride Organisers Checklist (Excel)

The following documents are also Included in the Ride Organisers Box, along with those listed above:
ADR Health & Safety checklist
Incident Report Form
ADR Ride account
ADR Riding Rules

You should also be given your list of stewards and their contact details before the Ride.

Please make a list of Useful Names and Numbers to have with you at the ride, e.g. Local Vet, Farrier etc

Please send copies of your ride entry form to the newsletter editor HIlary Carr, the rides co-ordinator Vikki Roberts,  Amy Ransley Website manager (amy.ransley@gmail.com) and Sophie Roberts (sophie.emma167@icloud.com) Facebook & Advertising to ensure it is sent to all members and advertised on the above sites.