Ride Dates

* Denotes ride under EGB rules – Entries on EGB entry form

Please see contact page for contact telephone numbers and further information.

Please complete a Parental Consent Form (PDF) for under 18’s attending each ride. This form must be given to the ride organiser at the ride.

A reminder to all riders attending our rides: please let the Secretary know you have arrived before starting the ride. Also, please be courteous when passing other riders – slow to a walk, call out and wait for the other rider to give permission to pass you. Please take a moment to read our Ride Rules  before attending our rides.

ADR accept BACS Payments for Entry Fees. Full details can be found on the entry form for each ride. If you pay by BACS, please use the reference code (found on the ride entry form) to aid our Treasurer with allocating your entry fee to the correct ride. You must also complete an entry form and send to the Ride Organiser, payment of entry fee by BACS alone does not constitute entry to the ride on its own.

18th April 2021First Ride!
Euston Park, Euston
Vikki Roberts
6th June 2021Dunwich Ride
Dunwich IP17 3DT
Keighley Pomroy & Jane Girling
20th June 2021West Fen Farm
Chris Few
4th July 2021Euston Park
Sophie Roberts
11th July 2021Middle Farm
Frances Alford
25th July 2021Belchamp St PaulHillary Carr
8th August 2021Hereward Wake
Sarah Cameron
22nd August 2021AmptonVikki Roberts
12th Septenber 2021Broxtead
**New date**
Jan Harber
18th & 19th September 2021Little Lodge
Santon Downham
Julia Shawe-Taylor
3rd October 2021East Harling
The Committee
9th October 2021
Entry Form (Word)
Entry Form (PDF)
Harvest Lunch
Kings Forest
Di Luke
10th October 2021
Entry Form (Word)
Entry Form (PDF)
Baby Ride
Kings Forest (different route to Harvest Lunch ride)
Vikki Roberts
17th October 2021Santon Downham
Di Luke
31st October 2021Catch Up!Di Luke